Track More Data on More Campaigns with Exciting Changes to Email Analytics

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We’ve made some exciting changes to Email Analytics, and we think both new and existing customers are going to be just as happy as we are about them!

Individual-level data for Plus and Premium

All plans that include Email Analytics now have the option to collect individual-level data through the use of a merge tag. With individual-level data you can discover exactly who opened in specific clients or on a mobile device to precisely target your communications.

Sample individual level data in Email Analytics

For each open recorded, you’ll get data like:

  • Date/time stamps
  • Email client (or mobile device) used
  • Rendering engine
  • How many seconds the email was read
  • Geolocation (city/region/country)

With individual-level tracking, the possibilities are endless. You could identify customers that use their iPhone regularly to send a targeted message regarding your upcoming app, use geolocation to target subscribers in specific areas, or send a content-rich newsletter to your most engaged subscribers.

It’s easy to export your Email Analytics data for use in other applications, allowing you to segment your lists in ways you never thought were possible!

Unlimited tracking codes

All Plus and Premium accounts now have unlimited tracking codes! Rather than waiting for two new tracking codes each month, all Litmus customers can create as many tracking codes each month as they need.

Unlimited Tracking Codes

Free Email Analytics trial

Email Analytics is compatible with most ESPs and mailing software. Just add a small snippet of HTML code to your template or email and start collecting behavioral data in real-time. Head over to our pricing page and select the plan that’s best for you. All new subscriptions come with a 7-day trial, no commitments and no cancellation fees!



We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to us at