Top Tweets and Takeaways from #MPEIS

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For the last two days I’ve been eyeballs deep in great conversations regarding the latest and greatest in email marketing tools, trends and ideas at the Email Insider Summit.

This morning kicked off with a great presentation by Matt Caldwell, a true industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience designing specifically for email. Matt spoke about using appreciation, intrigue and amusement in email content and design to drive surprising performance in clicks, opens and revenue. Soon after I joined Alex Williams and Wacarra Yeomans to discuss what’s happening with mobile email these days. We wanted to go a bit beyond approaches for designing mobile-friendly email and take a look at some of the darker corners of optimizing the email experience for the mobile world.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the content being presented! Since there were many folks tweeting bits and bites of the sessions, I collected some of the best takeways and tweets into a Storify stream (click to see dozens of takeaway tweets):

Watch presentation recordings

You can also watch recordings of both the panel discussion and Matt’s presentation over at Ustream:

Panel: Beyond the Device

Email Creative Makeovers

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