Top Shots: iPhone, Outlook 2003, IE7


A couple weeks ago we ran Free Shot Day at Litmus, and what a great day it was! As we were looking at the stats from the promotion, we thought you might be interested in taking a look at some of the numbers:

Participants: 508

New signups: 246

Email shots: 125,055

Browser shots: 8,199

Total shots: 132,083

In case you were wondering how Free Shot Day compared to an average day at Litmus, here’s a quick look:


As you can see, we had a 19% bump in email tests, but a 203% increase in page tests! Overall, you requested 44% more tests than the average day at Litmus. Wow! Note that this chart compares the total number of test sets that were requested (not the total number of screenshots generated).

Popular Shots

Every time you generate a set of screenshots using Litmus, you can choose which email clients or browsers you’d like to test in. Here’s a look at the top ten shots requested on Free Shot Day:


You might notice that browser shots didn’t appear in the top ten, so I’ve listed them separately here:


Finally, here’s a quick roundup of the most popular screenshots in several categories:

Email shot: iPhone

Mobile shot: iPhone

Webmail shot: Gmail (FF)

Desktop shot: Outlook 2003

Browser shot: Internet Explorer 7

Overall shot: iPhone


Usually, about 70% of our daily shots are email tests and the remaining 30% are page tests, but on Free Shot Day, those numbers skewed quite a bit: 86% of shots were email tests, with just 14% of shots run on pages.

Firefox shots outnumbered Explorer shots for every webmail client. Data collected from Email Analytics suggests that emails are read in Explorer 3x more often than in Firefox, so why the lean toward Firefox shots? My guess is that designers and coders are more likely to check rendering in Firefox since it has historically presented more display bugs and challenges than Explorer.

iPhone shots were super popular! While rendering on iPhones usually isn’t too problematic, our Email Analytics data shows that more emails are opened on iPhones than any other mobile device.

Outlook 2003 shots outnumbered Outlook 2007 and 2010 shots, while Lotus Notes 8 and 7 beat out version 6.5. These stats align with subscriber open behavior rather than perceived rendering difficulty for each of these clients.

While these stats reveal more about Litmus customer behavior than email subscriber behavior, we hope you found them as interesting as we did. I was personally surprised to see iPhone shots top the charts. As a long-time email coder and troubleshooter, I expected trends to lean toward those email clients that have a tendency to present rendering challenges (Blackberry, Outlook 2007/2010, Lotus Notes and Gmail in particular). While the stats on webmail shots support my theory, it appears as though shot requests may be influenced by subscriber open behavior rather than coding and display challenges.


Thanks to all who participated and helped spread the word about Free Shot Day. We had a lot of fun and hope you did, too!