Tools we use to run our business

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Over the past couple of months quite a few people have asked us what software tools we use ourselves to run Litmus behind the scenes. As this kind of list is always of interest to me as a reader, I thought some of our readers might be interested too…

  • Lighthouse for all our bug tracking and milestones.
  • Campfire for internal discussion (we all keep our internal Campfire chat room open all day), and for our live help service.
  • Gmail for customer support email – by all sharing one inbox we can all help answer support enquiries, and have fast access to any previous emails from the same customer.
  • ThinkFold to plan projects and features as outlines (it’s like SubEthaEdit meets OmniOutliner).
  • Basecamp for keeping track of ideas, discussing future features, and collaborating on documents inside Writeboard.
  • Highrise for CRM. We tend to use this for keeping track of more complex interactions such as licensing deals and so on.
  • PayPal for customer billing.
  • Three different companies for hosting, two of which I’d recommend: Blacknight and Rimu.
  • pbWiki for internal documentation.
  • Campaign Monitor to handle email broadcasts.
  • Movable Type to run our blog.
  • skEdit and Transmit for web development (using Litmus to test our work, obviously!)
  • TextMate for Rails development.
  • Visual Studio for .NET development.
  • OS X. Everyone here uses a Mac, including our .NET developer.

I think that covers most things we use. If you have any questions, or, even better, want to suggest any applications you find useful, please feel free to do so in the comments.