The Business of Belief: Inspiring and Motivating with Email

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The email inbox can be a personal place, and the messages therein—like any other type of marketing or advertising—have the power to influence the attitudes and behaviors of their recipients. After all, the goal of most commercial email is to motivate the recipient to take an action (open, click, purchase, register, attend), and email marketers are tasked with persuading users to do just that.

But what does it take to get someone to act? Is it an amazing subject line? The perfect call-to-action? A great sale? According to author and consultant Tom Asacker, inspiring action is all about belief. Realizing that shaping beliefs is no easy feat, Tom wrote The Business of Belief to explore how marketers, designers and other leaders get consumers to believe—and act.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom to discuss his book, his thoughts on email, and how subscriber expectations (and trust of marketers) influence their actions.

About Tom

Tom has been teaching and inspiring organizations and entrepreneurs for over 20 years with his unique educational offerings and his one-of-a-kind keynote presentations. A popular speaker, Tom has lectured on innovation, the customer experience, and marketplace trends to corporate, association, and university audiences around the world.