Introducing Carlos

Joining Brendan, Justin, Ed, Dave, and Brian on the back end development team, Carlos is already working hard behind the (code) scenes. He’s excited to push the limits on what’s possible—a shared mindset at Litmus.

Introducing Kevin, Senior Developer

With over eight years experience as a web developer and a love for working with small teams, Kevin is the perfect addition to Litmus! Alongside Eddie, Jordan, Luca, and Drew, he’ll be working on the product team as a senior developer.

Introducing Drew

It’s been a busy summer at Litmus; join me in welcoming Drew to the team! MEET DREW, SENIOR DEVELOPER Drew has been developing for the web for over ten years. He left the PHP world in early 2007 for the shiny red pastures of Ruby on Rails, most recently building applications for the health and […]

Introducing Jordan

Today we are thrilled to welcome Jordan to Litmus! MEET JORDAN, SENIOR DEVELOPER Hailing from the great white north, Jordan has been attached to computers since learning to use a Mac at age 6. He’s spent the last 7 years working on web applications, most recently as a full stack developer for the City of […]

Introducing Ed

We’re excited to introduce you to Ed — the newest member of the Litmus gang! WELCOME ED, SENIOR DEVELOPER Ed is a software developer who has lived in the Boston area his entire life. While he graduated from U-Mass Lowell, he prefers to think that most of his education as a software developer came from […]