Webinar: Mobile Email (Why, What, and How)

Thanks to everyone that joined my webinar on Tuesday! With 43% of emails now being opened on a mobile device, it’s important to understand the options available for making emails that render well and perform better. I covered a lot of ground in an hour: Various mobile email design approaches: responsive, fluid, scalable and aware […]

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Responsive & Scalable Email Design: What’s the Difference?

I recently tuned into a really great webinar presented by Yesmail. Titled “Mobile Email Design: Differences Between Responsive & Mobile Scalable Email Design,” the presentation documents the differences between scalable and responsive design and how to determine which is right for you. With the increase of mobile opens (123% in 18 months!), it’s crucial to start thinking about which mobile strategy is right for you. Yesmail discusses two very prominent mobile optimization techniques in their webinar, which I’ve summarized below.