Uncovering the Metrics Behind an Award-Winning Email

While opens and clicks are a great way to measure overall engagement, they don’t paint the whole picture of a campaign’s performance. Our award-winning campaign didn’t have high opens or clicks, but it did accomplish its goal of creating awareness and generating buzz around The Email Design Conference.

Gmail Data Analysis Reveals Image Blocking Affects 43% of Emails

In December, Google announced that images in emails will now show automatically. We’ve kept a close eye on the increased open counts in Gmail—automatic image downloads have given us a unique opportunity to examine the impact that image blocking has had on email marketing for years. What we’ve learned is fascinating, and unveils a critical metric unknown to email designers before now.

Design + Data = A Match Made in Heaven?

About a month ago I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion at the Email Insider Summit in Captiva Island, Florida. The idea was to bring together designers and marketers to talk about creative testing and the pros and cons of data-driven email design. No matter which side of the coin you’re on (I […]