The Science of Email Clicks: The Impact of Responsive Design & Inbox Testing

Whether it’s reading a blog post with your phone, catching up on Twitter with a tablet, or even previewing emails on your watch, the number and types of devices we use to consume content are growing rapidly. In fact, at least 43% of emails are opened on a tablet or smartphone. How does small-screen reading impact subscriber behavior after emails are opened? MailChimp analyzed over 395 million emails during a 6-month period to examine how a user’s preferred device affects email engagement, investigate the impact of responsive design, and find out if testing your emails can increase click rates.

Litmus Live 2013 Free Ticket Contest Winners + A Big Thanks to MailChimp!

We’re extremely proud to be hosting The Email Design Conference sponsor-free. However, we had numerous folks interested in sponsoring, along with plenty of potential attendees asking how they can get free or discounted tickets, so we opted for a not-so-traditional sponsorship opportunity. As part of this opportunity, TEDC supporters purchase tickets for freelancers, the budget-conscious or those with just very mean bosses. MailChimp graciously offered to send fifteen people to the conferences! They raffled away five tickets per city. The contest was a major success — we had nearly 150 entries! After combing through entries and tweets, we’ve chosen fifteen lucky winners.