How Distributed Email Teams Can Use Slack to Keep Projects Moving (And Stay Connected)

Is your email team suddenly forced to work from home and you’re not quite sure how to stay on top of your email tasks without the ability to collaborate in person? Luckily, there’s a whole set of tools out there that can help your email team feel connected and get work done when you can’t meet face-to-face—and Slack is probably one of the most popular tools powering remote teams. 

Here are our top 5 tips and tricks from our fully remote email team and the community on how your email team can use the power of Slack to get campaigns out the door faster, stay in sync with the rest of your team, and feel less alone when you can’t be together in person.

The Future of Email in 2020 and Beyond: The Email Marketing Trends That Will Really Matter

The email industry is constantly changing, but what are the trends that really matter in the years to come—and how can marketers prepare?

We asked leading industry experts to share their visions for how some of the most crucial elements of email marketing will change in the next decade. In our ebook The Future of Email in 2020 and Beyond, you’ll find their collective predictions for email’s future. Plus, we’ve created an infographic that covers the most crucial trends.

New Ways to Use Litmus + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Here at Litmus, we work hard to help you create great emails by integrating with the tools you use most. Last year, we announced an integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to streamline your email testing and production without switching back and forth between tools.

With the latest updates to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we’re excited to announce that our integration improved as well. Here’s how those updates will help you get flawless emails out the door even faster.

What’s New in Litmus Builder

Create Builder projects more easily, customize Builder to your coding preferences, build emails faster, make troubleshooting easier, and seamlessly integrate Builder into your workflow with these brand new features in Litmus Builder.