A Closer Look at Email Engagement

Reputation and engagement are increasingly important factors when it comes to reaching your audience through email marketing. Running your emails through Litmus’ spam filter analysis tool can give you an indication of the likelihood of your email being marked as spam, but subscriber (in)activity can ultimately determine whether your email makes it to the inbox. Our infographic […]

Graymail Features Roll Out to Hotmail Users

After announcing their “graymail” initiative in October this year, Hotmail started implementing changes and new features in customers’ inboxes last week. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you can expect to see in your Hotmail account. Persistent Flags I received an email from Hotmail on 12/16 that contained an overview of the […]

3 Reasons Why Facebook Messages Are Irrelevant to Email Marketers

After Paul’s overview post on Facebook Messages, I started to dig in and learn more about how Facebook Messages handles email to form my own opinion on whether “Project Titan” is going to destroy or revolutionize email marketing (or somewhere in between). I’ve discovered a great deal regarding how Facebook handles inbox organization, from addresses, […]