Webinar: Creative Typography in Email

With mobile opens continuing to rise (they now account for 48% of total opens!), and many email clients installed on smartphones and tablets displaying images by default, emails today have become heavily reliant on images. However, while iOS devices display images by default, many others, such as Android and BlackBerry, do not. In addition, many webmail and desktop clients block images by default. In this webinar, Paul Airy, Email Designer and Developer at Beyond the Envelope, will look at the role of typography in email design and development and, in particular, the creative use of HTML text, so that you can make your emails look great without compromising on user experience.

Using Internal Email to Foster Employee Relationships

In all of our past inspiration posts, we’ve looked at companies’ external emails (ie. emails going to their subscriber list(s)), so we thought it would be a nice change of pace to focus on internal emails in this post. After all, every company sends a bunch of internal emails, so we can’t leave them out […]

PizzaExpress Inspires With Images-Off Email Optimization

In all of my Inspiration posts thus far, I have commented on how important it is that an email looks great whether images are enabled or not due to the majority of email clients blocking images by default. I’ve seen numerous tweets and read a few blog posts (by Email Design Review and Campaign Monitor) […]