Email Design Monthly: Our Favorite Articles, Delivered To Your Inbox

That’s a wrap for Hack Week 2013! Last year I focused on building better website testing tools, but this year I wanted to try something different. As Litmus grows, we provide more than just a suite of web applications. This blog is full of resources for email designers and marketers, we’re even putting on the first-ever Email Design Conference this year!

Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. We’re summarizing all those insightful and informative links to email design and marketing articles into a single, infrequent digest, to be delivered right to your inbox every month.

Email Analytics Campaign Comparison: Track Trends and Benchmark Your Results

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are two things we love here at Litmus: email and data. (Well, three things if you include Xbox FIFA.) We’ve tracked billions of opens across hundreds of thousands of campaigns in Email Analytics. If you love email and data as much as we do, you probably dig into your Email Analytics data shortly after you hit send.

Many of the questions we get from Email Analytics customers revolves around how to interpret this data. How do I know if I’m getting better? How do I know if my audience has “gone mobile”? The best thing to do is to compare your campaigns to each other over time.

Email Zeitgeist: Find Out The Most Popular Words Used In Subject Lines

Scoop gives us a real-time view of what trends are popping up in marketing newsletters, triggered emails and transactional emails. I became curious — what kinds of language are people using in their emails? What does the average subject line look like? How do marketers grab the attention of their customers? How do apps and services make their transactional emails stand out? With those questions in mind, I began my Hack Week project — the Email Zeitgeist.