New Email Client Available:!

We are thrilled to announce that Litmus is offering email testing and interactive testing for! Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that will be the new home of Hotmail users—all hundreds of millions of them. After hearing the news, we started working on getting screenshots and Interactive Testing available for Today we are pleased […]

Improve Your Troubleshooting Workflow with Interactive Testing

I’m really excited to share a sneak peek into an incredible new feature we’ve been working on! Interactive Testing is a game-changing new tool that will help you preview and troubleshoot campaigns like never before. Instead of simply getting a screenshot of your email, you can interact with the email client and make changes in real-time. […]

Retiring the Postini Spam Filter

UPDATE: August 20, 2012—Postini spam tests have been re-enabled. Get more details in this updated blog post. We’re disappointed to announce that spam filter testing for Postini is no longer available via Litmus. Since its purchase by Google in 2007, Postini has been slowly declining in popularity. In addition, Google recently stopped supporting Postini as a standalone […]

New Email Clients & Browsers Added

We are pleased to now offer several new updates to email testing and page testing for all Litmus subscriptions! New Email Clients Available With the recent releases of OS X and iOS 5 also came new versions of Apple Mail for both the desktop and iPhone. We’re excited to offer both of these email clients […]

A New Look for Email Client Selection

If you’ve run a new test using Email Previews recently, you might have noticed a few changes. Today we launched a new email test selection screen that includes more information and a better experience when selecting which components you’d like to be included in your test: Here are some of the changes and improvements you’ll […]

email personalization

Color Blindness Filter for Email Previews

Color blindness affects 8% of the male population around the world, leading to various degrees of what is known as “color deficiency,” or difficulty distinguishing between different colors. While many different types of color blindness exist, the majority of color blind individuals are unable to distinguish differences between red and green. It’s important to design for all–here’s how.

New: SSL Enabled on All Accounts

We’re pleased to announce that Litmus is now serving all traffic over SSL for our users! Previously, SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) was available only on certain Litmus price plans, and required a visit to your Account tab to be turned on. All Litmus accountholders will find that SSL is automatically enabled now, and the SSL […]

Updated Browsers for Page Testing

Update: We’re Saying Goodbye to Page Testing In order to simplify and focus our efforts on what we love most and what we do best—email—we’ve decided to remove the Browser/Landing Page Testing feature from Litmus. Page Testing will be retired on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Learn more → We’re very excited to announce the availability […]