All About Deliverability: Webinar with Al Iverson

In this fantastic webinar on email delivery with Al Iverson, he explains how spam filtering has evolved from a content-based system to one that weighs dozens of factors, often without human oversight. Al also provided lots of best practices and advice for making it to the inbox, touching on many topics: Getting permission to send […]

Integration News: Pardot Users To Access Engagement & Device Usage Data

Longtime Litmus partner Pardot recently announced the addition of an Email Analytics integration to their platform. The integration allows users with Pardot’s advanced email package to view engagement stats, print and forward data, along with email client and device usage. An example of Pardot’s email client/device report “Knowing what devices or email clients your prospects use can clue […]

A Year in Review: Looking Back on Our 2012 Emails

After returning back to work from the holidays, we’ve been reviewing what we did in 2012 and determining what worked, what didn’t, and what we didn’t do that we had wanted to. Most importantly, we’ve been reflecting on our experiences in 2012 and planning what we’re going to do this year. It’s both an exciting […]