How to Write Great Email Copy featuring Ann Handley

Writing for email may be one of the most difficult jobs in marketing. Different segments require different messaging. The devices your subscribers are using affect the perceived value of your copy. (What’s helpful on desktop may be long and laborious on mobile.) And subject lines? You have just a few short words to compel your subscribers to open, otherwise all that copy you wrote has significantly less impact. The words we choose matter.

27 Tweetable Takeaways from Litmus Live 2015

The Email Design Conference brought together over 500 passionate email designers, marketers, and strategists in one space—all eager to share their knowledge and soak in all of the information possible. Seemingly countless tips and advice were shared throughout the conference—and on Twitter. While there were thousands of amazing tweets, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite takeaways below.

Webinar: Creative Typography in Email

With mobile opens continuing to rise (they now account for 48% of total opens!), and many email clients installed on smartphones and tablets displaying images by default, emails today have become heavily reliant on images. However, while iOS devices display images by default, many others, such as Android and BlackBerry, do not. In addition, many webmail and desktop clients block images by default. In this webinar, Paul Airy, Email Designer and Developer at Beyond the Envelope, will look at the role of typography in email design and development and, in particular, the creative use of HTML text, so that you can make your emails look great without compromising on user experience.