More Than a Name: 13 Ways Marketers Personalize Emails

Everyone likes to feel special: your customers included. Segmentation and personalization in email make the message more relevant and, ultimately, more effective. Plus, personalization can make your brand stand out in a vast sea of competitors.

How do you actually put personalization into practice? We surveyed nearly 2,000 marketers about what data points they use to personalize their emails. Here’s what they said.

The Secrets to Really Good Email Personalization: Webinar Recording + Q&A

All email marketers know that “Hello {{First Name}}” is email personalization. But it doesn’t feel like really good personalization. Brands that have truly mastered the art of email personalization don’t just call their subscribers by name, but use data to fuel campaigns that truly create real value and delight the reader.

In this webinar, email geeks from Litmus and Really Good Emails look at the brands that take email personalization to the next level—including examples from their own emails—and provide hands-on advice for how you can steal their strategies and apply them to your program. Didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar live? Don’t worry. We’ve got the full recording and Q&A for you.