comcast email rendering

Comcast Previews Now Live in Litmus: Discover How It Renders Email

Comcast began providing internet back in 1996, and is the largest ISP in the United States, with over 22 million subscribers. With its huge market share and age, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find Comcast email addresses in your database. Be aware of how your emails will look to those customers in our guide to Comcast’s support and quirks.

Using HTML5 and CSS3

A Bulletproof Guide to Using HTML5 and CSS3 in Email

When it comes to email, it’s all about providing your subscribers with a great experience. However, this doesn’t mean that your email has to look the same across every client—it just needs to be easily accessible for all of your subscribers. So, while HTML5 and CSS3 may not be supported everywhere, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Use progressive enhancement and graceful degradation to ensure a positive email experience for all of your subscribers.