A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email

Email marketers are always looking for that extra something to draw attention to their campaigns. Recently, they seem to have found it with one of the internet’s most beloved assets—the animated GIF. We take a look at why GIFs are great for email, how to use them, and show off some of our favorite recent campaigns.

8 Email Design Factors That Influence Action

What influences your subscribers’ willingness to open, click, and interact with your email? From subject lines and “from addresses” to images and landing pages, they all play a major role in determining whether your subscribers will engage with your email or not. You have about 3-4 seconds to grab your readers’ attention and interest them […]

Inspiration: Spotify Anniversary Email

As part of a new blog series here at Litmus, we will be looking at emails that come into our inbox and sharing our thoughts. Let’s kick it off with an email that we received from Spotify in mid-July. Spotify 1-year Anniversary Email Subject Line: Thanks for an incredible year! From: Spotify <no-reply@email.news.spotifymail.com> Email: We really […]

Do Symbols in Subject Lines Increase Performance?

The usage of symbols (such as hearts and stars) in subject lines has definitely been on the rise in recent months. Recently, Paul (Litmus co-founder and CEO) forwarded one I hadn’t seen before: a coffee cup! Used in the subject line of an email from Tonx, a coffee bean delivery service, it caught his eye […]