#NoFailMail Community Contest: Themes, Advice, and the Winner

If you’ve ever failed at email, you’re not alone. Litmus has made mistakes, and others have too.

In our #NoFailMail community contest, dozens of email geeks shared their email fail stories, giving us all the chance to learn from the mistakes of others and put better systems and checks in place at your company to minimize the frequency and scope of future email marketing mistakes. Here are the common themes we saw, some valuable advice from the community, and the winner announcement.

subject line and preview text

Community Contest: Subject line and Preview Text Winning Combos

In last month’s Community Contest, we asked Community members what their winning subject line and preview text combos were, the strategy they used to come up with them, and how this affected the success of the campaign. Picking a winner was incredibly hard with so many interesting entries. Here are some of our favorites from the contest that we just had to share.

Community Contest: Learning from Email Mistakes

Email is a fast-moving, easily-broken medium. From bad links to wrong lists, there is a lot that can go wrong. And, while mistakes are not uncommon in email marketing, the speed at which most of us work means that we largely ignore mistakes when they happen and—more importantly—the lessons we can learn from them.

So, we asked Community members to share their biggest, scariest email marketing mistakes, along with their hard-won lessons. Here’s our favorite.