Emails Litmus Loves: Birthday Emails Worth Celebrating

“Surprise and delight your subscribers!” It’s a phrase email marketers read and hear often. A popular option for brands to do just that is a birthday email—an automated email sent on the subscribers’ birthday. But what makes an effective birthday email?

I celebrated my birthday this month—and my inbox was chock-full of emails from brands helping me celebrate. But there were a few that stood out. Here are the five birthday emails I loved the most and what tactics you can steal from them to really surprise and delight your subscribers on their birthday.

Birthday Email Deals & Steals: Encouraging Recipients to Shop

“25 DAYS OF INSPIRATIONAL EMAILS” — DAY 19: BIRTHDAY EMAILS Since my birthday was yesterday (my 30th, if you must ask—a big year!) I’ve been receiving tons of birthday messages, deals and offers in my inbox recently. With my birthday so close to Christmas, my big day is easily drowned out by all the holiday noise. While […]