Achieving Mobile Cohesion Across Email and Websites

A subscriber’s journey doesn’t stop at your email. In fact, your email is just the starting point! After convincing users to move forward with the call-to-action, they typically land on, well, a landing page of some type. Similarly to your email, if that landing page is difficult to read or interact with, the chances of your subscribers abandoning ship are pretty high. As a result, it’s important to make sure your emails and landing pages (or web site) are optimized for viewing in all environments.

While analyzing mobile traffic as part of’s website redesign, Behance noticed that about half of their email subscribers were opening their newsletter on mobile devices. While they were already working on a responsive website, they realized that they needed to redesign their newsletter to match their new branding. They wanted to achieve mobile cohesion between their newsletters and website. Let’s take a look at the journey Behance’s subscribers are now taking—from mobile newsletter to mobile website!