Interesting survey results

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A short while ago we conducted a random survey of our readers. Most were not yet customers of Litmus. I thought some of the conclusions might be interesting to share here.

New features and suggestions
Most people were quite comfortable fixing website bugs, but the majority said they struggled with email template bugs. As a result, they were most interested in getting more advice and resources to help them debug the problems in emails. This is something we’ll be releasing soon.

A lot of people were interested in mobile testing for both websites and emails. That’s something we’re also working on.

A number of people asked for sample email newsletter templates that were already cross-client compatible. This is something we’ll be including in our forthcoming resources.

We asked people how much they were willing to pay for Litmus. I’ve broken the results down based upon their job roles.

  • Freelancers want to pay less, in general $10-30/month
  • Small company employees would pay the most. 30% said $70+/month.
  • Large company employees were surprising. Some would pay zero, a result mirrored in no other category. I wonder if this is because they meant they would not personally pay – their company would always cover the cost.

Content format
When asked about the way they’d like to receive any new design resources and tutorials we create, online articles and screencasts were by far the most popular choices. A few people wanted PDF documents, but almost no-one was interested in audio content. Personally I’d agree with that. I particularly enjoy learning from screencasts and we’re hoping to do some of those ourselves soon too.
My thanks to everyone who took part. If anyone else has any comments or suggestions feel free to share them here in the comments. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.