Time to stop supporting IE6?

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It’s one thing when techie sites such as Reddit claim to no longer support IE6 (since their redesign). There have been heartfelt pleas from designers the world over to drop support for IE6 for years, but only sites with particularly techie audiences have actually made the jump.

However, in the past few months there have been mounting examples of more mainstream sites following their lead. 37signals have announced they are now phasing out support for IE6 across all their web applications.

And the most surprising example (to me at least) was Facebook. Facebook visitors with IE6 are now greeted by an “upgrade your browser” message, and recent features will not work for them.

Facebook browser warning

Although the vast majority of Litmus’ users are using Firefox, we see 9% of visitors using IE6. We still test in IE6, and try our best to maintain near-perfect compatibility.

In our case, a lot of our customers’ clients may still be using older systems to view the published compatibility reports, even if our own users are very savvy.

What do you think? Have you stopped supporting IE6 on any of your sites?