It’s Sprint Week at Litmus!

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The development team at Litmus wears a lot of hats. They’re constantly making sure existing features are running smoothly, addressing customer tickets, and working on innovative new features. Suffice to say they’re a busy bunch.

But, this week is different. All existing projects are on hold and other distractions—tickets, meetings and calls—have been removed (don’t worry, we’ll still have folks providing friendly and fast support).

We’re calling it sprint week

The development team only has only one rule to follow this week: design and implement something that will increase signups to Litmus. That something, can be anything.

While Brendan, Florin, Justin and Eddie are working up their next big thing, they also have resources they can tap into: Paul for design, Danielle for a customer’s point of view, James for a reseller’s perspective, and yours truly for copy and promotion support.

The folks at 37signals have tried a few workplace experiments in the past, including their currently-in-progress “month to yourself.” These ideas have the same basis in spirit: to foster innovation, build on our unique culture, and to create awesome tools for our customers.

So far, each developer here at Litmus has decided to pursue their own project. I’m excited to see (and share!) what they’ll come up with!

P.S. If Sprint Week sounds like something you’d love to do at work, check out our open positions—we’re hiring!