Speed Up QA and Link Checking with Landing Page Testing

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With each new email client and mobile device we add to email testing, we get each of our customers a little closer to never having to send themselves a manual rendering test again. But unless you want to run the risk of a bad link getting in the hands of your subscribers, manual link clicking has been a necessity. How are you supposed to make sure all the links in your email are working (and rendering) properly without sending yourself a test and clicking through yourself?

Introducing Landing Page Testing

You can finally bid farewell to manual link-checking, since we’re checking your links for you! Landing page testing automatically validates all the links in the emails you sent to Litmus for testing, letting you know if there are any problems:

Litmus link validation

Our comprehensive check includes:

  • A visual preview of the link
  • Running the link against the Google Safe Browsing database to check for suspected phishing and malware pages
  • Verifying that click-throughs are being tracked

We’ll even expose Google Analytics UTM parameters if you’re using them on links in your email, removing one more QA step from your checklist!

Litmus landing page testing

Links that pass all three checks are marked as green, while links with issues are marked as yellow or red. You can easily navigate between all the links in your email and preview each landing page to visually verify that the link is going to the right page.

If a link is broken, you’ll be able to tell at a glance—we’ll highlight the link in red and show you a broken link icon:

Litmus landing page testing

Get started with Landing Page Testing

Landing Page Testing is available immediately and included with all Litmus subscriptions. To check the links in your email, simply run an email test as you normally would (either by sending us a test email or pasting in HTML). All your links will be validated and captured automatically on every new email test created in your account.

Don’t have an account? Sign up for a free 7-day trial!

Save valuable QA time and never click links in your emails again! With the addition of Landing Page Testing to an already comprehensive suite of features like Interactive Testing and Code Analysis, we hope that you’re another step closer to a quick and painless QA process while designing and coding emails.