SiteVista pricing debate

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I’ve now returned from Reboot (more about that on my personal blog), and I’ve got some really valuable feedback from people about SiteVista.

The area in which I felt most unsure was the pricing. How much should it cost? How much value does it give people? How much are they willing to pay?

From talking to various potential users about the issue (from independent web designers, to leaders of web teams for huge multinationals), it seems to me that $29 per month for unlimited testing is a very fair price.

However, for smaller outfits, or people who are only running one or two sites, an ongoing subscription isn’t really worthwhile. So, in addition to the recurring subscription, we intend to offer one week’s unlimited testing for a one-off charge of $12.

None of this is yet set in stone, but these are the prices we’re going to launch with, and then just take it from there. We’re also going to offer a discount for those of you who have signed up early and given us feedback on the service (probably something like $19 per month and $8 one-off).