Send your tests to a single, static email address

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Today I’m thrilled to announce that all Litmus Email Testing customers now have their own unique, static email address that’ll never change.

What’s a static email address?

Usually, when you use Litmus to test your email newsletter, you click the “Start test” button and a randomly generated email address is created for you (, for example).

Your static address is a unique email address that never changes, each user within your account has one. Instead of starting a new test, you can send your tests directly to your static email address and Litmus will create a new test for you, using the clients you last tested with.

Where can I find my static email address?

Under the “Extras” section of your Litmus account. We’ve also included some additional instructions on how to use it.

Why would I need a static address?

Some mailing list software send out multiple copies of your email (often a plain text and HTML equivalent), using a static address allows Litmus to start a new test for each email we receive, so you’ll see all versions of your newsletter.

In other systems, it can be difficult to keep changing the email address to send your tests to, a static address is one that you can add just once and never need to change again.

We’ve also found that it’s just easier to have a single email address to send to, there’s no need to complete that first step of selecting clients and generating an address anymore.

Please note: Static email addresses are for normal usage while testing your design. Please remember not to leave it on any mailing lists or other automatic or frequently emailed lists.