Sendicate Inspires With Sleek & Thankful Launch Email

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We recently heard about a great email app that brings together simplicity and design to send great-looking emails; that app is called Sendicate. Since they are an email marketing company, I was eager to sign up and start receiving their emails. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that I was impressed by their launch email since they do offer some great email templates to their customers (this email uses their “London” template — talk about eating your own dog food)!


I am very impressed by Sendicate’s sleek newsletter design, which reminds me a lot of their website (which I am also a big fan of!). I love how nicely the email flows with its (mostly) one column design, which leads the subscriber’s eye down the email.

There is also a nice balance of images and text. There are 5 large images, but they are all broken up with small paragraphs of text, which helps for images-off optimization (we’ll get to this later). In addition, in between the text and image groupings is the call to action, “sign up now for free,” which is repeated 3 times throughout the email. This strategy both visually highlights the CTA and presents it after describing positive aspects about Sendicate. How could you not want to sign up for Sendicate?

I also really enjoy the imagery in this email. Since the background is white and the text of the email is black, the colorful imagery and CTA buttons really pop on the page. The imagery adds some life to an otherwise very simple template, but doesn’t overwhelm it either.


As I stated earlier, due to Sendicate’s balance of text, images and generous whitespace, the email is still easy to interact with in an images-off environment.

For starters, how great is the ALT text? And how about the styled ALT text for the logo? I’m impressed! The styled ALT text for the logo adds some color & branding to the images-off email, which is a nice touch—you almost can’t tell the logo is an email that’s been disabled! In addition, the ALT text on all of the additional images (minus the email templates) enables subscribers to have an idea of what the image would be if they downloaded it.

While they do use ALT text on the buttons to sign up for Sendicate, I wish that they had used a bulletproof button, similar to the one used for the Pando Daily article. When images are disabled, it appears that reading the article is the primary CTA since it stands out on the email. A bulletproof button would have worked wonders on this email when viewed in an images-off environment!


Sendicate’s email scales to look great on the small screen of a mobile device, but it’s somewhat hard to interact with.

While the imagery still looks sexy and the CTAs are touch-friendly, the text is small and difficult to read on a small screen. To be readable, fonts should be a minimum of 14px (Sendicate uses 12px and 13px in the body of the email).


Another aspect of this email that I like is the written content thanking their loyal followers. Since subscribers signed up in advance to receive a notification when Sendicate’s services were ready, Sendicate starts & ends the email thanking them. In addition, by signing the email from Chad & Thomas, Sendicate’s founders, there is an extra personal touch to the email. It’s nice knowing that the company you are doing business with actually cares for you!


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