A New Tool for Better Inbox Management

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Today we’re proud to announce a new tool that has helped us manage our inboxes in a beautiful, smart and efficient way. Say hello to Scoop.

The team at Litmus is always dreaming up innovative ways to combine design and technology to create amazing new tools. Frequently, our own needs and desires inspire these concepts. In fact, Litmus’ original product—webpage testing—was born of our founders’ desire for a better way to test the websites they were designing for clients.

It probably goes without saying that we see a lot of email here at Litmus—our customers’ projects as well as inside our own personal and professional inboxes. Sometimes we’re really excited to see our favorite store announcing a sale, and other times we just need to get down to business. We longed for a way to browse through the offers, sales and promotions we look forward to but don’t always want to open immediately.

Say hello to Scoop

Scoop grabs all the emails we signed up for and routes them into a single daily digest that we can read each day. We can choose what time we’d like to catch up on the latest from our favorite restaurants and retailers, and skip over the messages we’re not interested in today. Scoop is smart, too. It gets to know our preferences, and pushes our favorites to the top. If we decide we’d like emails delivered right away (or never again!), Scoop can handle that, too.

Introducing Scoop

Getting Scoop’d

Sounds awesome, right? The really great news is that we’re going to be offering Scoop for free! You can sign up for an invitation for the Scoop beta program, and we’ll let you know when there’s an opening to join.

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