Completely redesigned test viewer


Designing the Litmus user interface is a challenge. Every time I change something it’s instantly appraised by hundreds of professional designers. So it was with trepidation that today we launched a complete overhaul of the most important Litmus screen: the page where you inspect your screen shots. Here’s how it looks now…

Screen shot of new results screen

To really get a feel for it, try out this live version so you can click around.

Twice as much space for your screen shots

The main requirement for the redesign was to give your screen shots more room. They’re by far the most important thing on the screen, and were getting pushed down the page on the old design. Take a look below – this new design gives you twice as much space to view your test results.

Size comparison of old and new screens

Clearer navigation

New customers were often confused by the different ‘views’ we have – especially for email tests. There can be as many as 4 different screen shots for a single email client, to accommodate the preview pane, full email, and image blocking. Here’s how the old screen looked:

Screen shot of old navigation buttons

The new design defaults to the full email preview, and makes switching between them much easier. There’s even shortcut keys you can use (we’ll get to those in a moment).

We also keep your scroll position as you navigate between your screen shots. This means you can scroll down to your footer, then quickly flip through all your results, seeing the same part of your email or page every time. Try this for yourself and you’ll see how truly time-saving this is.

Keyboard shortcuts

Our heaviest users are looking at hundreds of screen shots every day. That’s a lot of clicks. The new design allows you to navigate all your test results using the keyboard. This makes it super-fast to review large numbers of tests. I think a lot of people will really appreciate this feature.

Screen shot of the keyboard shortcuts menu

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design, either by email or on Twitter!