Priority Inboxes and Email Analytics


Email providers are now using engagement to determine whether your email will reach your subscribers’ inboxes. There’s no doubt that engagement is becoming an essential metric to measure, but how do you track it?

Gmail recently announced their Priority Inbox and Hotmail uses similar techniques to filter messages sent to their users. What’s interesting is how you can track the same things Hotmail and Gmail are watching using Litmus Email Analytics.

Take this list (from this article) of Hotmail’s criteria for inbox placement:

  • Messages read, then deleted
  • Messages deleted without being read
  • Messages replied to
  • Frequency of receiving and reading a message from a source

We monitor the number of times your email is replied to and forwarded, along with whether your recipients read or delete your messages. Litmus Email Analytics is the only way to track this level of engagement data.

We’re planning to add more detail to Email Analytics’ engagement reports in the coming weeks, so watch out for that update.

To read more background on priority inboxes and these new types of filtering, check out Mark Brownlow’s detailed article on the topic.