Litmus price plans simplified (now even better value)

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Starting this week we’ve made our price plans even simpler. You no longer need to pay separately for web site testing and email testing – they’re both available to all our customers.

We now have just two straightforward options – our Individual plan and our Team plan. Both plans now include full unrestricted access to our web page testing and email testing platforms. As before, there are no restrictions on the number of tests you can perform – it’s unlimited.

Our Team plan lets you store the results of an unlimited number of tests (the Individual plan limits this to 8 – if you reach this limit you’ll need to delete older results in order to perform more tests). It also, as the name suggests, lets multiple people use your account. If you’re working with multiple people the Team plan will work best for you. If you’re a freelancer then the Individual plan is the best choice.

All our existing customers have already been moved over to the new price plans. If you were previously paying €78/month for both services, your bills from now onwards will be half price!