Postmark’s Litmus Live 2013 Ticket Giveaway Winners

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Litmus Live (formerly known as The Email Design Conference) brings the email community together to celebrate their craft and give email professionals a platform to learn, share, and grow. With sessions covering everything from marketing strategy to innovative email development techniques and production processes, you’ll take away actionable advice that will have immediate impact.

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Last week we were in San Francisco for Litmus Live. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people passionate about email and we thought the event was a major success! We also received some great feedback about how we can improve future events and we’ll definitely be taking attendees’ advice.

One aspect of the conference that we received extremely positive feedback about was the pitch-free, amazing content. As a result of hosting Litmus Live sponsor-free, we have the opportunity to focus solely on content, not pitches. However, since we had numerous folks interested in sponsoring, along with plenty of potential attendees asking how they can get free or discounted tickets, we opted for a not-so-traditional sponsorship opportunity.

As part of this opportunity, Litmus Live supporters purchase tickets for freelancers, the budget-conscious or those with just very mean bosses. Postmark graciously offered to send six people to the conferences! They raffled away three tickets for the London event and three tickets for the Boston event.

After combing through entries and tweets, these are the lucky six:


Alexandra Jamieson, Knit
Paul Airy, Beyond the Envelope
Russell Dawson, Haymarket


Andrew Martin, Regal Creative
Curt Sonnet, Linear360
Miriam Moser, Amergent


If you’re interested in giving away tickets, email us at and we’d be happy to chat about it with you!