Postini, Yahoo and AOL Spam Filters are Back!

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Much to our (and some of our customers’) dismay, back in April we announced that we were retiring spam filter testing for Postini. This decision was a result of Postini’s declining popularity and Google discontinuing its support for Postini as a standalone product.

Great news—we’ve re-enabled Postini!

After some discussions with Google, it appears that their decision to stop supporting Postini was not as set in stone as we had originally thought. As a result, we now offer spam filter testing for Postini once again.

In addition to Postini, we’d also seen reliability issues with Yahoo! and AOL, which have led to them becoming frequently unavailable. We’re pleased to announce that Postini, AOL, and Yahoo! have been vastly improved in terms of reliability and are now all available in Litmus Spam Filter Testing and via the reseller API.

Postini, AOL and Yahoo! Spam Tests

If you have any questions or concerns about these announcements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Email us at