Pinterest Strikes With Email Optimized For Viewing In All Environments

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Pinterest has been sending out some great emails lately and really stepping up their responsive email game. I received this email a few weeks ago and it particularly struck me not only because of its great responsive design but because of its content & fun new board, “30 Days of Pinspiration.” This email inspired this blog series, “25 Days of Email Inspiration,” and our Pinterest board, “25 Days of Pinspirational Emails.” How could I not feature this inspiring email?!


I originally opened this email on my iPhone and was really pleased with how easy it was to interact with on the small screen of my mobile device.

The responsive design of this email scales the email & increases the text size on mobile devices so that it is easy to read and interact with on smaller screens. While Pinterest doesn’t do anything extra fancy with their responsive design for this email (such as changing the CTA based on the size of the screen the email is being read on), they don’t need to! They keep it simple yet functional.

While this responsive design creates an extremely mobile-friendly email, the text and links in the footer of the email are small on a mobile device, which made them difficult to click. Text should be a minimum of 14px so it is still legible and “touch friendly” on a mobile device.

In addition, it should be noted that media queries (responsive design) are not supported on every mobile OS. That being said, if you find out that the majority of your mobile opens are occurring on devices that don’t support media queries, such as Android 4.0 (Gmail), putting resources towards responsive design may not be the best option for you! Check out this compatibility chart from Style Campaign.


I like the sleek design of this holiday email. It isn’t over-the-top with the typical reds and greens of holiday emails, but it’s more simple and sophisticated with blues, golds and accents of reds. The background image makes the otherwise simple design of the email a little bit sexier with the gold trimmings. However, it should be noted that background images are not supported in all email clients — you can check out Campaign Monitor’s guide to CSS support for a compatibility list. Regardless of whether background images are supported or not, the email still pops due to the vibrant blue background color.

Since the main focus of the email is the “30 Days of Pinspiration” series (it’s in the subject line after all!), it makes sense that the email design features that content. The fancy heading and the three white boxes jump off the dark blue page and draw in the reader’s eye.


Some of the text is a little difficult to read due to the color contrasts. I found that all the text under the 3 days of inspiration, was a little bit difficult to read — especially the “Happy (holiday) pinning!” and the information in the footer. The dark color of the text on the blue background made it somewhat illegible.

When focusing in on the footer I realized that Pinterest does not include their physical mailing address in the email. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, messages must include valid physical postal addresses, so Pinterest might want to consider adding this to their emails!

While the email doesn’t look horrible with images off, it could look even better had they used styled ALT text and bulletproof buttons. Pinterest’s use of background colors and live text enables the hierarchy and content to be present regardless of whether images are present or not. However, if they had used bulletproof buttons for the “3 days” links and used styled ALT text in the heading, the email would look that much better.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this email! What do you like about it? Let me know!


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