Win a Ticket to the Last Litmus Live of the Year

Just like that, we’re only a couple of weeks away from closing out Litmus Live with our third and final conference of the year, Litmus Live San Francisco (November 14-15).

We are so excited to bring the email community together for a third premier opportunity to learn the latest in email marketing, and with a little bit of luck, you can be a part of it too—for free! Taxi for Email is teaming up with us to give one lucky email geek a free ticket to Litmus Live San Francisco.

The 9 Big Changes to Email You Must Know Now: Webinar Recording + Q&A

You may think that email is pretty much what it is…. a tweak here or there but mostly the same as it ever was. There’s a misconception that the email channel hasn’t really changed in decades, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Email is constantly evolving and changing. Best practices come and go in reaction to shifts in subscriber preferences, policy changes, and products made by Google, Microsoft, and many more major players. So if you want to make the most of email as a marketing channel, knowing exactly what these email moves are and their impact on your company’s email initiatives is not an optional exercise (or at least it shouldn’t be). For this webinar, we teamed up with Jay Baer from Convince & Convert to walk through the 9 big changes to email you really need to know—and two you might not need to spend as much time on.

Didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar live? Don’t worry. You can access the full recording at any time and read the Q&A below.

6 Crucial Email QA Tasks You Can Automate With Litmus

When you’re building an email, there are a lot of elements to keep track of. You need to make sure your subject line and preview text aren’t too long, links aren’t broken, ALT text for images shows up—and that’s just the beginning. What about making sure your emails sound intelligible on a screen reader? Are you on any blacklists? Does your email take too long to load?

Phew—that’s a lot of things to check for before you send that email.

Here’s the good news though: With Litmus, you can speed up your pre-send testing process and enable your team to send error-free emails that perform, faster. Curious how? Here are 6 time-consuming email QA tasks that you can automate with Litmus Checklist.

More Than a Name: 13 Ways Marketers Personalize Emails

Everyone likes to feel special: your customers included. Segmentation and personalization in email make the message more relevant and, ultimately, more effective. Plus, personalization can make your brand stand out in a vast sea of competitors.

How do you actually put personalization into practice? We surveyed nearly 2,000 marketers about what data points they use to personalize their emails. Here’s what they said.

#LitmusGives: A Big Thank You to the Email Community for Supporting the Pine Street Inn

October is the month of giving here at Litmus. That means we encourage Litmus team members around the globe to volunteer, but it also means that we want to use the power of Litmus Live and the wonderful email community that comes together for it to support local charity organizations that are close to our hearts.

That’s why we had the Pine Street Inn join us for Litmus Live. The team at Pine Street Inn helps homeless men and women in the Boston area with emergency services, housing, and workforce development programs. At Litmus Live, we invited them to share the incredible work they do for the Boston community. We’re so proud to share that we helped raise a total of $8,872 cash donations for the Pine Street Inn, along with plenty of other donations.

Litmus Live Boston 2019: A Recap in Tweets

Litmus Live Boston has come and gone—and our couple of days with email geeks was packed with amazing sessions and workshops, networking, and a seriously busy Twitter feed.

Couldn’t make it to Boston? Feeling some serious email geek FOMO and thinking about joining us in San Francisco in November? We pulled together our favorite takeaways and advice in tweet form.

New in Litmus: Aggregated Reporting in Email Analytics

Do you wish you could view all of your email campaigns at once—to identify which ones performed the best, which ones you could maybe improve, or even just get a snapshot of how much engagement your email program had within a period of time?

Look no further. Introducing: Aggregated Reporting in Litmus Email Analytics.