Google’s New Smart Reply Feature for Inbox: Here’s How it Works

This week, Google announced it will be rolling out a nifty new feature to its Inbox app called Smart Reply. The idea behind it is simple: after you receive an email to your inbox, Google will suggest—or perhaps more appropriately, predict—phrases to use when replying. But, is this a cool, useful new feature? Or yet another “yay, technology” moment that’ll never generate any widespread adoption?


Community Contest: Learning from Email Mistakes

Email is a fast-moving, easily-broken medium. From bad links to wrong lists, there is a lot that can go wrong. And, while mistakes are not uncommon in email marketing, the speed at which most of us work means that we largely ignore mistakes when they happen and—more importantly—the lessons we can learn from them.

So, we asked Community members to share their biggest, scariest email marketing mistakes, along with their hard-won lessons. Here’s our favorite.


Introducing Olga

Hey all! I’m Olga and I’m a software engineer here at Litmus. I started a few months back, but haven’t had a chance to say hello—I’ve been busy working on the exciting launch of our new features!


A First Look at AOL’s Alto Mail App: What Email Marketers Need to Know

AOL has reintroduced its webmail app, Alto. Alto supports all the global email providers, allows you to pull them all together in one inbox, and easily switch between them all in one app. Beyond the usual display options in most email apps, Alto boasts some pretty unique organizational tools that automatically highlight important (and personal) information so it’s easier to find. In this post, we’ll cover Alto’s features, and how it displays email.


Litmus Partners with Spectrum Equity

Over the course of a decade, Litmus has grown into the product and company you see today—a vital resource that is used by over 250,000 email marketers every month. I’m excited to announce that we’re setting ourselves up for even bigger successes in the next ten years. We’ve taken a $49 million investment from Spectrum Equity.


True Life: I Send Email As Part of My Job

They say hard times foster companionship. It’s why email marketers share a bond unrivaled in the digital realm. Most common folk stress when sending a one off email to their friend, coworker, or boss. Email marketers do this at scale every single day. And while the challenges they face are too vast to respectfully detail here, the following are just a few of the realities email marketers face every day.