Outlook.com Increases Market Share by 20%; Soars to #4 Spot

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We’ve seen the same names appear again and again in our email client market share reports in the past year. May marked a pivotal turning point with a surprising upset in the top five.

iPhone, Outlook, and iPad continue to top the charts—no surprises there. The big upset was courtesy of newcomer Outlook.com. We covered the rise of Outlook.com in last month’s video, and I wasn’t all too shocked to see it enter the charts a notch above Hotmail’s exit. However, my jaw dropped when I saw Outlook.com had jumped to the #4 spot, dethroning Apple Mail’s long-held position.

Keep an eye out for these pesky rendering issues that are still present in Outlook.com:

  • No support for CSS background images
  • No support for CSS floats
  • No support for the margin property
  • Image blocking
  • No support for ALT text
  • Irritating defaults for standard header tags

Some other changes we’ve spotted this month include:

  • Yahoo! Mail dropped to #8
  • Gmail is now #7
  • Windows Mail fell off the bottom of the list
  • Thunderbird is now in the #10 spot with about 2% of opens

Luckily, Thunderbird uses WebKit as a rendering engine, which has stellar support for HTML and CSS.  This client isn’t likely to give you much trouble and should render similarly to Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac (which also use WebKit). With the introduction of Thunderbird onto the list, nearly 43% of the top ten email clients use WebKit as a rendering engine—music to our ears!

NOTE: I made a minor goof in this post by stating that Thunderbird uses WebKit to render. Thunderbird uses Gecko as a rendering engine (which renders very similarly to WebKit). Either way, you don’t need to worry too much about Thunderbird mangling your designs, since it has excellent support for HTML and CSS!