Our Favorite Responsive and Mobile Email Resources

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Since January 2012, mobile email opens have increased a whopping 63% and now make up 44% of all opens. Synonymous with this trend has been a growth in articles about mobile design approaches, and tips on how to make emails that are optimized for viewing in all environments. While we’ve written numerous posts on the topic, there are tons of great articles and resources from other sources, too.

First off, we’ve put together a mobile readiness kit containing our best stats, infographics and articles on mobile to make understanding mobile audiences easier.


In addition, here’s a roundup of the best mobile email content, both from our blog and around the interwebs.

Tips, tricks, and stats


Inspirational mobile emails

  • Behance: Achieving mobile cohesion across email and websites
  • Expedia: Three-step media queries imitate fluid resizing
  • Lasoo: Mobile-optimization for the entire subscriber experience
  • Deckers: Responsive email testing has yielded 10% higher CTR
  • Hyde Park Jewelers: Responsive design, animated GIFs & clever ALT text
  • Twitter: Using responsive design to change layout, content and CTAs
  • Monster: A look at why fluid layouts are a great option for text-heavy emails
  • Hot Rum Cow: Responsive emails and landing pages
  • Vodafone: Uses media queries to only include pertinent information when viewed on the small screen of a mobile device
  • WeddingWire: Personalized, dynamic emails that are responsive
  • OpenTable: Takes the mobile-aware approach to make it easy to interact with on desktops and mobile devices
  • Pinterest: Simple responsive elements make this email legible in all environments
  • Charity:water: Responsive design and a great solution for including video in email
  • Help Scout: Uses mobile-friendly elements to achieve a scalable email
  • Kitbag: Mobile-optimized emails led to a 9% higher open rate

Presentations and Events

Templates and Code Samples

  • Slate: Looking for a newsletter, product announcement, receipt, simple announcement, or stationary template? We’ve got you covered with our 5 pre-tested responsive email templates. They’re bulletproof—and free!
  • Stamplia: Our friends at Stamplia have created 7 Litmus-exclusive responsive templates. They look great in every client—they’re Litmus tested!
  • Antwort: Responsive templates that render well in all major email clients.
  • Responsive email patterns, courtesy of Brian Graves
  • ZURB: Lots of great responsive templates (just keep in mind that they don’t play nice with Outlook 2007+)
  • Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor: These email platforms provide responsive or mobile-friendly templates in their tools. You don’t have to send from them; you can build your email and export the HTML.

Did we forget any of your favorite mobile resources? Let us know in the comments section!