New system status and updates

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Today we’re excited to add a feature we think is going to really help us to keep the lines of communication open with our customers.

System status and updates is a combination of two data feeds we serve from twitter accounts, system status will give you a quick snap shot of any delays to our processing queues and how long we think it will take to clear them and updates will feature quick blurbs about new products and features on the site.

By using twitter as the base of the system it means we can continue to serve status updates even in the unlikely event that the site goes down completely, so while you can get these updates directly in Litmus itself you are also free to bookmark the Twitter page directly.

The feed is:
Litmus Updates –

The status in the app may not update immediately when we post them to twitter, as to be kind to the people at twitter we do cache the data for a number of minutes.

Here’s a snap shot of the latest updates feed as it appears within Litmus:
and the system status when everything is working just fine
and when there is a problem, complete with a short description of the problem

We hope our customers find this feature useful and helps you all feel a bit closer to us and what’s happening with the site. As always, feedback is welcomed in the comments or at