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Your subject line is one of the most important factors subscribers consider when deciding if they will open your email. Each email client displays subject lines a bit differently: some may include many characters while others only show a handful. In addition, email clients like Outlook, Gmail and iPhone/iPad also display preview or “snippet” text in addition to the subject line.

Update: The All-New Subject Line Checker

Since the writing of this post, we’ve totally revamped Subject Line Checker. Here’s what’s new and what you need to know.

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Our subject line checker lets you preview your subject line, from name and preview text across a range of email clients and devices instantly.

You can also see how your email will appear in the pop-up notification box!

Subject line testing is now automatically included each time you run a new Email Preview test. The from name and subject line used in your test will automatically populate, but if you’d like to try different combinations of subject line and from name, you can change each value and update your previews.

Subject line testing is available immediately and comes standard with all Litmus subscriptions!


Optimize your from name, preview text, and subject line with Subject Line Checker, available in Litmus Builder.

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