New Stats: Gmail Opens Grow, Hotmail & Yahoo! Decline

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January’s market share stats saw the top 4 spots unchanged with iOS and Outlook maintaining their leads. However, we did see Android rise another notch, landing in the #5 spot.

Android’s jump was curious, given that it’s market share has held steady right around 7% for the last several months. Looking closer, the change in stats seems linked to a drop in Hotmail share. Webmail opens in particular have overall seen a decline. Some other interesting facts:

  • Opens in Gmail have seen a 25% increase over the last year
  • Hotmail and Yahoo! have each seen about a 4% drop
  • just appeared on the scene in late 2012, and represents less than 1% of market share


What would a market share update be without mentioning mobile growth?

Mobile opens actually dropped 1% from December to January, likely a reflection of the passing of the holidays and a return back to work (and our desktops). Mobile opens currently account for 42% of email opens: