New product: Fingerprint

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Ever wanted to know which email clients are popular? There’s very little data about this available anywhere, and it’s something we’re often asked about.

Fingerprint is our new product that gives you accurate statistics about which email clients are popular on your mailing list.

By knowing which email clients are in use on your mailing lists, you know exactly which ones you need to design for and test. It’s really valuable data that could save you hours (or days!) getting that design to look just right on Lotus Notes 6.

Like browser statistics, the results can vary dramatically depending on your audience. For example, here’s a Fingerprint analysis of our own mailing list. Amongst our readers, iPhone usage is almost as high as Gmail! For others, Outlook might be the norm. There’s really no way to tell unless you actually test your list using Fingerprint.

There is nothing like Fingerprint available anywhere else, so we’re really excited to be the first to give designers and marketers access to accurate email client statistics.

You can test your mailing list from as little as $39. Find out more on the Fingerprint web site.

Fingerprint screenshot

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new product, either in the comments here or by email.