Selective Publishing & New Overview Screens


Today we released a number of small but exciting changes to all Litmus accounts. Inside each email or page report, we’ve reorganized and redecorated a bit to make things easier to find and share. Instead of filling up the page with your screenshot thumbnails and spam results, you’ll now find tabs for previews, spam filters, and sharing along the right hand side:

Report tabs


This is where you’ll find all your screenshots for your email or page test, along with icons that reflect the status (compatible or incompatible) for that particular email client.

Overview thumbnails

Spam filters

All our new spam filters and validation features now have their own home in the spam filters tab. Spam filter descriptions, scores (if applicable) and the feedback associated with that particular filter or validation tool are grouped together to help you easily troubleshoot your campaigns

Spam filter results


Inside the sharing tab, you’ll find a series of checkboxes that allow you to selectively publish individual results from your preview and spam filter results. If you run an email test on all clients, but would rather not share the Lotus Notes results, you now have the option to remove them from your published link! Better yet, you can update the results that appear on the public link by modifying your selections and clicking the update button at the bottom of the screen.

Publish results

Everything else

Versions, tags and download options are still in the right-hand side, under the new overview tabs.

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