New Mac Email Clients Now Available!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Litmus now offers Email Testing for Apple Mail 6 and Outlook 2011 for Mac!

Apple Mail 6 released with Mountain Lion

Apple Mail 6

Apple Mail is the 3rd most popular email program in use today, with 10% of subscribers opening emails in this client. Since Apple Mail comes standard with all new installations of OS X, it’s important to make sure your emails look great in this email client.

Looking back at usage stats for previous versions of Apple Mail, it’s clear that new versions are adopted quickly and continue to gain steam for many months—Apple Mail 5 (which came packaged with OS X 10.7) was released in late July 2011 and saw a near-immediate pickup, growing steadily from 20% to more than 50% in 12 months:

Apple Mail Adoption Rate

We’ve already seen a drop in Apple Mail 5 usage since the release of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) on July 25th this year. Mac users have been gradually upgrading to the new OS and adopting Apple Mail 6. Here’s the current breakdown for Apple Mail share:

Apple Mail Market Share

Rendering and support for HTML and CSS remains stellar in Apple Mail: the only significant changes to the program were a few feature updates.

Outlook 2011 for Mac

Due to popular demand, Outlook 2011 for Mac is also now available for testing!

Outlook 2011 for Mac

Unlike recent Windows versions of Outlook, which use Microsoft Word to render HTML, Outlook for Mac uses Webkit as rendering engine. This is good news for email designers, as Outlook for Mac renders HTML and CSS identically to Apple Mail (which also uses Webkit).

Test Mac email clients on your PC

All Litmus subscribers can start testing in Apple Mail 6 and Outlook for Mac immediately: look for two new options on the email client selection screen when starting your next test:

Mac Email Client Testing

We are very excited to offer these new clients—enjoy and happy email testing!