New Email Clients & Browsers Added

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We are pleased to now offer several new updates to email testing and page testing for all Litmus subscriptions!

New Email Clients Available

With the recent releases of OS X and iOS 5 also came new versions of Apple Mail for both the desktop and iPhone. We’re excited to offer both of these email clients for testing in Litmus. In addition, we’ve also added an updated version of Thunderbird.

Apple Mail 5 Email Testing

These new mail clients are ready to go! Current Litmus subscribers can start testing with Apple Mail 5, iPhone 4S and Thunderbird 10 immediately.

iPhone Page Tests & Updated Browsers

Page testing has recently undergone a major overhaul, with an updated testing infrastructure that enables us add new browsers quickly and offer reliable testing for things like Flash and TypeKit. After working out a few kinks, we’re very happy to offer page tests for iPhone and Opera. In addition, page testing for Chrome and Firefox is available for OS X as well as Windows, and will always test on the latest versions of these browsers to keep you up-to-date for your testing needs.

iPhone Web Page Testing