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We are thrilled to announce that Litmus is offering email testing and interactive testing for! testing available in Litmus

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that will be the new home of Hotmail users—all hundreds of millions of them. After hearing the news, we started working on getting screenshots and Interactive Testing available for

Today we are pleased to announce that it’s ready and all current Litmus subscribers can start testing with in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome immediately! previews in Litmus

Rendering in

Our development team took a quick look at what’s making tick. It looks as though the same  preprocessor used for Hotmail (MS SafeHTML) has been ported over to However, the CSS prepending behavior in appears to be new. Despite this change, it doesn’t look like rendering in is much different than Hotmail rendering. Our friends at Campaign Monitor confirmed this, stating, “Outlook’s CSS support remains identical to that of Windows Live Hotmail.”

There are some quirks we noticed, though. As Ros at Campaign Monitor pointed out, Microsoft’s ‘Segoe UI’ will be used for displaying h1, h2 and h3 headings unless another font is specified in your CSS. We also noticed that the default color for headings is white (!) and that paragraph tags will default to Calibri set at 15px.

Default h1 in

The lesson here is to be sure your emails contain CSS rules specific to your desired look and feel, or risk inheriting elements from Microsoft’s brand book.

Other observations

Similar to Outlook 2013, the interface is clean and simple, borrowing cues from the “Metro” styling reminiscent of Windows Phone design elements. While the minimalist interface provides a stage for your email to shine, I also wonder if the lack of contrast from the surrounding chrome may give mostly-white emails a disadvantage in the inbox as compared to Hotmail. will retain all of the spam-fighting features rolled out with their Graymail enhancements, including Schedule Cleanup, SmartScreen filtering and persistent flags.

In an IAmA with a portion of the development and marketing team, a representative explained why users should switch to

We think it’s time for something new. We focused on a clean modern UI, making your email connected to the services you really use, like Facebook and Twitter… we think your privacy is really important, so we don’t scan your email to show you ads.

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