New Dashboard Design and Small UX Enhancements

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We’ve recently rolled out a stunning new dashboard design along with a handful of small, but meaningful, UX improvements.

New dashboard design

The new dashboard is the landing page after you first log into your account that displays all your recent email and page tests.

Improvements in the new design include:

  1. Captures of your eight most recent tests in widescreen glory

  2. Seamless integration of tags (and automatic tagging with static email addresses!)

  3. Better search functionality

  4. “Infinite” scrolling

  5. View options: choose to view just your tests, or all tests by everyone in your account

Infinite scrolling negates the need to click through endless pages of tests, which can be especially frustrating when you have months (of years!) worth of tests in your account. Tests are arranged by month, with an easy hover-delete option and clear indicators for email vs. page tests.

Better error messaging

Occasionally, something goes wrong and we don’t receive an email you’ve sent us to test. When that happens, we’ll continue to look for the test for ten minutes. After that, you’ll see a notification along with a button to reload (in case there was a delay sending us a copy of the email).

Pre-populating subject line on retests

If you frequently copy and paste your HTML into Litmus (instead of sending us an email from your mailing service), this improvement will be music to your ears!

In the past, retesting HTML also required retyping your subject line into the appropriate field. Now, the previous subject line carries over into the new version of your test.

Progress bars on page tests

Thumbnails for page tests now display a progress bar while we’re working on grabbing your screenshots (page testing is so quick, you shouldn’t see these often!)

We hope you enjoy these new changes! When it comes to email, sometimes the small things are what makes us happy 🙂