April Fools: New Email Client: Nettik 1.4


We monitor a number of things in the backend at Litmus to ensure that we’re keeping up with changes in the industry. One area we review regularly is information collected by our debug database, where we track less common email clients before determining if they should be added to Email Previews or Email Analytics.

Over the last six months, we’ve seen a sharp increase in market share for Nettik, a email client developed by GeoFire. From August 2010 through March 2011 market share has increased from 0.23% to nearly 6%, making this relatively new client nearly as popular as Yahoo! Mail.

Nettik Market Share

We’re very excited to add this to our email preview testing suite. Nettik is available now to all Litmus customers, so you can begin testing in Nettik today.

We’ve also provided a brief overview of the Nettik client and some of their unique rendering quirks below.

User Experience

In my first few experiences with Nettik, I was a bit distracted by the bright colors used for the chrome and task bars. Although there is a heavy emphasis on personalization and a mid-90s aesthetic, we’ve left the default settings in place so that you experience Nettik in the same way most of your customers probably will.

Nettik Chrome

Rendering Overview

In addition to some of the unique choices made in overall presentation and user experience, Nettik wouldn’t be the first email client to make waves in the industry for the way it handles graphics and styles. All text defaults to Comic Sans MS, even when inline CSS is used to override these settings. In addition, we’ve noticed that graphics often are replaced by images of felines. Here’s our most recent newsletter viewed in Nettik:

Litmus Newsletter in Nettik

Challenges for Designers and Marketers

In a time when image and brand could never be more important, these challenges are bound to disappoint many designers and marketers. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of the Nettik client seems to indicate it’s here to stay. We’ll continue to test in this new environment to keep you informed.

Log in now and begin testing in the new Nettik email client.