Need to Get Something Off Your Chest? Get On Our Soapbox

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Litmus Live (formerly The Email Design Conference) is going to bring together the largest group of email marketers ever. You’ll finally be surrounded by people who geek out about email as much as you do! With that, you’ll also be in the company of those who share the same struggles as you—Outlook 2010, WYSIWYG editors that mess with your code, clients that won’t listen, to name a few.

While there will be plenty of networking breaks at the conferences to discuss your common interests (and concerns!), here’s your opportunity to rally the troops behind a new initiative, pitch an idea, or just complain to a sympathetic audience. On day two of the conference, attendees and speakers can sign up for a 5-minute slot to rant, rave, bitch, moan, pitch, practice or talk about whatever they want! The mic is all yours.

Looking for this year’s Litmus Live?

Litmus Live brings the email community together to celebrate their craft and give email professionals a platform to learn, share, and grow. With sessions covering everything from marketing strategy to innovative email development techniques and production processes, you’ll take away actionable advice that will have immediate impact.

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